Xenophon comes to his senses on censorship

Unusually paternalistic independent Senator, Nick Xenophon, has finally come around to the side of reason, yet Stephen Conroy is still being a cunt.

Senator Xenophon, who is strictly against gambling, previously expressed interest in supporting Stephen Conroy’s ridiculous Mandatory Internet Filter provided gambling websites be blacklisted. Upon reviewing the lack of evidence for filter efficacy and the numerous rights issues it presents, he has decided to withdraw his support. Xenophon holds the balance of power on this issue in the upper house, so this may be good news.

Xenophon said:

The fact that it could easily be used by any government of any persuasion to expand the blacklist, that does concern me

Conroy of course maintains that the blacklist would be based on existing classification schemes, but that is only in its current proposed state. Once the infrastructure was in place, nothing could stop future governments from either altering the classification scheme or the way in which content is filtered.

As usual, Stephen Conroy has managed to put a dent in the good news by stating that he is still exploring whether or not legislation will actually be required to pass the scheme. If it’s not, he may be able to slip the MIF through using regulatory powers already in place. Luckily for those of us who fancy freedom, it’s likely legislation will be required.


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