CeBIT Update!

I wrote last week about Stephen Conroy’s time wasting escapades at this year’s CeBIT expo, held in Germany. AustralianIT reports today that the spectacle is continuing.

People have been arrested for looks less weird than that.

People have been arrested for looking less weird than that.

There’s little new to report. Conroy had his picture taken with Arnold Schwarzenegger. His lips were said to have been so stretched while smiling for the photo op that they were visible from behind him.

Few deals nor anything that could have made the taxpayer funded trip worthwhile have been spoken of yet. Conroy alluded to a “software testing laboratory” that would require “government funding”. He didn’t mention exactly how such a project could be funded given the fact that the government has no money.

The article reports that Conroy is a teetotaler, which I actually didn’t know. It’s as if the anti-Conroy Gods have been raining down reasons to hate him during the past few months. Conroy seems to think the trip was worthwhile, but I’m sure that in reality, he probably spent most of his time in the make believe beer hall, alternating between cranberry juice and mineral water, just sitting. Alone.


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