Make sure there aren’t any solid objects around your TV

I’ve already put my shoes under lockdown to make sure I can’t throw them at my TV. Stephen Conroy will unfortunately be on the Q&A panel tonight. If you don’t have too short a temper, check it out on the ABC at 9:30pm AEDT.

UPDATE: Conroy was pathetic. He didn’t address why the abortion sites were blocked, didn’t mention that refused classification material isn’t actually illegal, made up some nonsense about technical glitches at ACMA (how hard is it to type a URL into a blacklist, really?), and was generally a giant bore. He used his usual Senate question time tactic of not directly addressing the questions asked of him to great effect.

Conroy even made the point that clicking on some of the material on the blacklist isn’t criminal. Doesn’t it then follow that he is blacklisting legal material?

The best news to come out of the show is the Liberals are starting to sound like they’re against the filter on a party level.

The questions asked of Conroy were basically softballs which let him make any point he wanted, and only Greg Hunt seemed to have reasonable points to counter him. Louise Adler just came off like a fruit by saying we should let anything be published, although I have some sympathy for that position.

Poor form, Conny.

EFA, Mark Newton, Stormcentre, Duncan Riley, Somebody Think of the Children, and OzSoapBox have write-ups about the show.


5 Responses to “Make sure there aren’t any solid objects around your TV”

  1. 1 stormcentre March 26, 2009 at 23:56

    I agree. The whole thing was shithouse and Conroy was allowed to get away with too much unchallenged.

  2. 2 stephenconroyisacunt March 27, 2009 at 09:49

    Greg Hunt was on the right track, and could have come out of that appearance an Internet (and Liberal Party) hero if he had the balls to get up at Conroy and expose his lies. Waiting until Tony lets you speak makes you seem a bit soft.

    It was a real shame that Tony let Conroy dodge so many questions.

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