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An oldie, but a goodie

Just in case anyone hasn’t yet seen it:

Downfall was a great movie, but this beats it hands down.


Don’t get too worried about Optus

Optus has renewed its wish to be included in Conroy’s mandatory filter trial.

My understanding is that Optus and Conroy have always been in “negotiations”, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Conroy now starts trying to push Optus to get in on it. He is in desperate need of a large ISP to add credibility to his trial.

There’s no reason for Optus customers to overreact just yet. What they’re saying still sounds reasonable:

  • Optus is participating in order to accurately gauge the impact this type of technology would have on our network.
  • Willingness to participate in the trial does not necessarily indicate support of mandatory filtering.
  • It’s a trial – and designed to test the effectiveness and impact of such filters on a network environment.
  • Optus wants its customers to have a safe experience on the internet and considers cyber-safety an important issue for all internet users.
  • Optus would rather be a ‘part of the conversation’ than not be involved if the Govt decided to mandate filtering.

The only problem I can see is in the answer to the last question, “What about other content like adult content and things the government might like to stop people viewing?“. Optus answers:

  • Optus will NOT be filtering this type of content.

As I’ve previously reported, some of the most popular pornographic websites in Australia do appear on the ACMA blacklist. I think Optus customers should be notified that this is the case, as the current answer is very misleading.

Such are the difficulties for a PR department trying to answer questions about a secret blacklist.

Conroy to appear on “Insight”

Stephen Conroy will appear on SBS’s Insight at 7:30pm AEDT this coming Tuesday. It looks like they’ve found guests and experts on all sides of the debate, so I don’t think Conroy will be able to get away with as much as he did on Q&A.

Naturally, you can expect an angry write-up from me after the programme finishes. I can’t wait.

Conroy is fast becoming a national joke. He managed to get a few laughs out of the crowd last night on Q&A, but those folks were laughing at him.

The Russian mob’s latest cyber trick is Conroy Logic. Try refreshing the page a few times.

Conroy can try as he might to blame everything on Howard, the Russian mob, the global financial crisis, or sunspots, but he is the face of Internet censorship and heavy-handed government in Australia. I hope he never had any dreams of becoming popular. It’s getting to the point that he’s actually a liability for the ALP.

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I don’t support it…

…but I still think it’s funny.

Hackers defaced the Australian classification board’s website last night.

UPDATE: Websinthe offers a sensible comparison between pros and cons of the attack.

I’m later than I thought on this news. I guess I was too caught up in Conroy’s Q&A rubbish last night to notice.

Make sure there aren’t any solid objects around your TV

I’ve already put my shoes under lockdown to make sure I can’t throw them at my TV. Stephen Conroy will unfortunately be on the Q&A panel tonight. If you don’t have too short a temper, check it out on the ABC at 9:30pm AEDT.

UPDATE: Conroy was pathetic. He didn’t address why the abortion sites were blocked, didn’t mention that refused classification material isn’t actually illegal, made up some nonsense about technical glitches at ACMA (how hard is it to type a URL into a blacklist, really?), and was generally a giant bore. He used his usual Senate question time tactic of not directly addressing the questions asked of him to great effect.

Conroy even made the point that clicking on some of the material on the blacklist isn’t criminal. Doesn’t it then follow that he is blacklisting legal material?

The best news to come out of the show is the Liberals are starting to sound like they’re against the filter on a party level.

The questions asked of Conroy were basically softballs which let him make any point he wanted, and only Greg Hunt seemed to have reasonable points to counter him. Louise Adler just came off like a fruit by saying we should let anything be published, although I have some sympathy for that position.

Poor form, Conny.

EFA, Mark Newton, Stormcentre, Duncan Riley, Somebody Think of the Children, and OzSoapBox have write-ups about the show.